15 Best Drugstore Shampoos

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Find Out Which One Of These 15 Is The Best Drugstore Shampoo For You So You Can Keep That Hair Stunning!

Hair is one of those things that all us ladies take VERY SERIOUS! Boyfriends, husbands… men in general just don’t get it. Yeah, some of us can take a little bit more time getting our hair ready before we go out somewhere… hey that’s the way it is!

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Having the right shampoo is just one of the many important things in our hair care arsenal that really matters. It has to work well with your individual hair type, make and keep our hair healthy, prevent damage and should be reasonable in price.

Now we know that there are some serious performing salon level shampoos but not everyone wants or is going to spend that much money on shampoo on a regular basis.

The truth is, you don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on your favorite shampoo when you get it at the drugstore or especially online, like at Amazon.

Not only can you (and you will) save money but you’ll be getting an excellent performing shampoo, which is going to be clear as you read through our list below.

See which is the best drugstore shampoo for you and if you suddenly feel moved to try out one of them as you read through…DO IT, we understand!


Garnier Fructis Volume Shampoo15

Garnier Fructis Volume Extend Instant Bodifier Shampoo


Why you need it:

Will give you volume up to 24 hrs.
The invisible dry shampoo will give you texture and instantly revives and refreshes your hair.
Great for fine or flat hair. With orange citrus and grape extract.

Average reviewer rating:  3.6*

A happy buyer writes “I was amazed with this product. It doesn’t leave any white powder on my hair at all. My hair gets really oily in a day and now stays clean all day!”

A few other buyers say they love this product. “It’s a must have for women who are on the go and want to freshen up while traveling. If you have straight, fine or limp hair this will poof your hair up in a flash!” One reviewer said it doesn’t turn powdery or flakey. Gives you that gleaming, full- body look.






LOreal everpure shampoo14L’Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Why you need it:

For color treated hair sulfate-free and hydrating shampoo with refreshing rosemary and juniper.
Anti-fade system for long-lasting color treated hair. Sulfate-free.
With natural botanicals.

Average reviewer rating: 3.5*

One buyer who has bleach colored hair got this shampoo and said “The color stayed longer and it worked perfectly. I love it.”

Another happy buyer said “Since I started using the shampoo and conditioner my hair feels better and sulfate free. Highly recommend it.” A few buyers have been using this shampoo over a year and they love it. One said “I love it because it’s gentle on my color treated hair and smells great and feels healthy.”





Head & Shoulders Clinical Strength Dandruff shampoo


Head & Shoulders Clinical Strength Dandruff Shampoo


Why you need it:

It’s pH balanced dandruff shampoo that will keep your hair clean, manageable 100% flake free.
Has 1% selenium sulfide to provide relief for the toughest dandruff.
#1 Dermatologist recommended dandruff brand.

Average reviewer rating: 4.3*

One buyer who had a flakey and itchy scalp for over a year and tried everything until she heard about Head & Shoulders Clinical Strength. After one wash…no more itchy flakey scalp. She adds, “The amazing part is it doesn’t smell bad like most other anti-dandruff shampoos do”.

Another reviewer said she started getting dandruff around her hairline and after using it one time it got rid of it!

One happy buyer is totally satisfied with this shampoo! “I had really bad itching and flaking. I tried all other products including cold tar shampoos. Then I decided to try this one and noticed a huge reduction in itching and flaking and been using it ever since.”





Aveeno Nourish Shampoo


Aveeno Nourish + Moisturize Shampoo


Why you need it:

Will nourish your bad damage and dry hair.
It infuses and enriches your hair with essential moisture.
Recommended by Dermatologist for over 60 years.

Average reviewer rating: 4.1*

One reviewer said “It’s the best hair care shampoo I ever bought. My hair feels soft and light!”

Another satisfied buyer said she loved it because it made her hair and scalp feel really clean. Another satisfied buyer is happy with this shampoo and says it lives up to its name. “It makes my hair real easy to manage and feels really smooth.”






John Frieda Luxury


John Frieda Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo


Why you need it:

The formula cleanses and detangles fine hair.
Gives you volume that gently cleanses, looks and feels natural.
This formula contains specialized volume building technology paired with cleansing agents.

Average reviewer rating: 4.0*

One reviewer said “I used this shampoo and it made my hair look thicker, super healthy and super soft”.

One buyer said “It’s great for fine/thin hair and it doesn’t weigh my hair down, it’s a great product!” Another buyer said “I love this shampoo, it really works! Makes my hair look thick and beautiful. Definitely recommend this product!”





nexxus vitatress biotin shampoo10

Nexxus VitaTress Biotin Shampoo


Why you need it:

Great for treating hair loss with botanicals
It’s excellent for many hair types, fine, fragile and more.
Cleanses and infuses biotin into your scalp.

Average reviewer rating: 4.0*

One happy buyer says it gives her “literally, better looking, strong, thick hair”

One reviewer with extremely thin hair says “it gave my hair TONS of body” and she says that
thinning spots are not as noticeable. Another buyer that had hair extensions that thrashed her hair said it made her hair “super shiny and a lot softer”





Clairol Professional Shimmer lights shampoo9

Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo


Why you need it:

It’s color enhancing and protein enriched.
Refreshes highlighted hair and makes your white and gray hair brighter.
Will wash away the yellow and leave your hair shiny with no residue.

Average reviewer rating: 4.3*

One reviewer said “I LOVE IT.” She got many compliments on her hair since using this. “My hair looks beautiful, shiny and feels fuller.”

A few buyers are very satisfied with this shampoo. It will brighten your bleach blonde highlights and grey hair. It doesn’t give you that brassiness look. One person said it tones down the brassiness in her hair and shampoos the yellow out. She said “I will continue to use this shampoo. It’s great for blondes and highlights.”





LOreal Paris EverSleek Sulfate Free Shampoo8

L’Oreal Paris EverSleek Shampoo


Why you need it:

This shampoo smoothes and cleanses gently on distressed hair and it is also sulfate and silicon free.
Gives your hair 48-hour frizz control because of its natural botanicals, sunflower and oils.
It repairs and smoothes damaged hair.

Average reviewer rating: 3.9*

One reviewer said “My husband gives me compliments every time I use this. Smells really good too.”

One buyer said she loved it because it works on her thick and frizzy hair and the price is a lot better than others that are sulfate free. Another happy buyer is very satisfied. “I’m amazed by the way my hair feels. It is the first time I’ve used it and love it!”





paul mitchell tea tree shampoo7

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo


Why you need it:

It gives you that refreshing tingle in your hair.
Safe for all hair types and color.
Gives you that deep invigorating cleanser with natural tea oil.

Average reviewer rating: 4.4*

One buyer said “I’ve tried many different shampoos to control my dandruff until I heard about Tea Tree and have not had any more problems.”

One happy buyer is very satisfied with it and loves using it because of scalp issues which has helped her a lot. Another reviewer said “My hair feels revitalized and stops the itching from using too much shampoo.”





John Frieda Sheer Blonde shampoo6

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Shampoo


Why you need it:

It moisturizes and restores your hair to a healthy, sun-kissed look.
You’ll see results in your hair within 7 to 14 uses, especially on color treated hair.
Will gradually lighten your blonde while nourishing your hair.

Average reviewer rating: 3.8*

A buyer said she has used this for years and loves the way it feels and smells really good on her hair.

One satisfied buyer said “I’ve used this shampoo before and I love the way it made my hair so soft and silky.” One reviewer “I love it because it doesn’t leave your hair in tangles, makes your hair look healthy and keeps the color in your hair.”





Nexxus Therappe Shampoo5

Nexxus Shampoo Therappe


Why you need it:

This specially formulated shampoo has rosemary, chamomile and nettle.
Advanced moisturizer and enhanced for superior salon performance.
Brings dry damaged hair back to life and gives your hair that nourished, healthy look.

Average reviewer rating: 4.2*

One buyer said it lathers up really well and feels like she is getting a spa treatment. “My hair feels healthy, clean and no tangles.”

One reviewer said “I love Nexxus. I have really thick long hair and hard water where I live and after using this my hair started feeling much softer and looks very healthy. I get a lot of compliments on my hair now.” One happy buyer said “I love it and it’s a great price too!”





Suave Professionals Moroccan Shampoo4

Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Shampoo


Why you need it:

It has authentic Moroccan argan oil and has luxurious fragrance.
It is known to give your hair a brilliant shine and lasting conditioning benefits.

Average reviewer rating: 4.2*

Some reviewers say they love the Suave Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner. It has a great scent and lathers really well. One reviewer said “This is my new shampoo and conditioner. I love it! Makes my hair so soft and smell so good!”

Another reviewer said “I have used others in the past and this by far is the best shampoo and conditioner I have tried. It contains no sulfate and smells amazing!”





Head & Shoulders 2in1 dandruff shampoo conditioner3

Head & Shoulders Purely Gentle 2-In-1 Shampoo & Conditioner


Why you need it:

This shampoo and conditioner soothes sensitive scalp with aloe vera.
Is pH balanced for everyday use.
For an improved in-shower scent, it’s formulated with Head & Shoulders ‘New Fresh scent’.

Average reviewer rating: 4.4*

One reviewer said “My hair has improved since I’ve started using this. It feels thicker.”

Another reviewer said “I love it because it’s 2in1 and has a great scent.” One buyer said she loves it because it “Keeps my hair healthy for a couple of days and it does wonders to my thin hair.”





TRESemme smooth & silky shampoo2

TRESemme Smooth & Silky Shampoo with Argan Oil


Why you need it:

This shampoo has Moroccan Argan oil in it which means your hair will be smooth and salon-soft after using it.
It’s not too heavy for daily use.
Use it so you can take care of flyaways and frizz.

Average reviewer rating: 4.3*

One buyer who normally goes for pricier salon shampoos says: “I am overall pleased with its performance”

One person with hair that’s become damaged and dry from coloring says she “noticed that the ends of my hair didn’t feel brittle and my hair looked shiny” Numerous buyers say they “never thought my favorite would become a drugstore shampoo”.





John Frieda Awakening Shampoo1

John Frieda Root Awakening Hydrate + Nourish Shampoo


Why you need it:

Has invigorating pepper extract.
Will refresh your scalp and give you nourishing moisture with eucalyptus.
Will protect and nourish color treated hair.

Average reviewer rating: 4.4*

One buyer said “It’s great for my scalp and it doesn’t dry out my hair.” Another buyer said “This is my favorite shampoo. It smells sooo…. good and I love what it does to my hair!”

One reviewer said “I love taking pictures of my hair! It gets my hair really clean and feels so shiny and silky. My hair looks like it’s come back to life!”




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