15 Skin Care Tips You Probably Are Missing Out On

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Aging is a natural process, and even though we can’t prevent it, we can delay it along with all the early signs, you know… those wrinkles and soft lines. Your skin starts to age slowly but surely after the age of 30. The good news is that if you’re concerned about maintaining your skin tone and smooth complexion, you don’t need to resort to insanely expensive treatments or go more drastic… plastic surgery.

All you need is to develop some good eating habits, a healthy lifestyle and your skin will surely thank you later! With that being said, here you will find 15 excellent and easy skin care tips to maintain your youthful glow in your late 20s, early 30s and beyond. Here we go:

15 Skin Care Tips You Need To Know That Will Keep Your Friends Asking “How Do You Stay Looking So Young And Beautiful?”


15.  It’s Never Too Early To Start Your Anti-Aging Routine

One of the most common misconceptions these days is that people are too early to adopt a healthy anti-aging routine, which is wrong. It is better to prevent than to treat, and this certainly applies to the fine wrinkles that will gradually appear on your body.

Yes… even if you’re in your early 20s, start your skin care routine now rather than later. If you do this early on you’ll end up one of those ladies who in her mid-40s looks like she’s in her early 30s!

14.  Understand That Aging Cannot Be Prevented (Be Honest With Yourself)

Although this is not a tip or advice, it is very important to come to terms with the fact that everybody ages. Regardless of our daily skin care routine, gravity and age will both take their toll on our faces and bodies. As a result we will gradually lose elastic tissue and collagen, which means that the skin will become saggy as the years pass.

13.  Do Not Neglect Your Hands And Neck

If you have decided to adopt a good anti-aging routine early on, then make sure to use
lotions and creams on your hands and your neck. Your neck and hands are the second most important thing after your face, and no matter how stretched and wrinkle-free your face is, they can easily give away your age if you are not careful.

12.  Buy High-Quality Eye Cream

Eye cream tends to be more expensive than face cream, and for a good reason. The fact is that the thin skin around your eyes requires a special treatment. However, buying a good eye cream that will last for half a year is literally one of the best decisions you can possibly make if you want to slow down the aging process.

11.  Never Skip Sunscreen

Make sure that you wear sunscreen on a daily basis. Sunlight is known to speed up the aging process, not to mention the fact that it also increases the risk for skin cancer.
The good thing about sunscreen is that you can combine it with a moisturizer and use it as a make-up base.

It’s inexpensive and it will certainly save you a lot of time, money and trouble in the long run. Just make sure that your sunscreen has a SPF rating of at least 30.

10.  Prevent The Onset Of Varicose Veins By Not Crossing Your Legs

This may seem as a natural and normal thing to do, not to mention how comfortable it is, but the truth is that crossing your legs can significantly increase the risk for varicose veins.

9.  Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the worst most damaging habits, both for your skin and for your overall health. Plain and simple smoking depletes your body’s oxygen resources and restricts the blood flow to the skin at the same time. Not only does this speed up the aging process, but it will also cause wrinkles around the lip area, which are very difficult to remove.

8.  Eat Chocolate? Increase Your Intake Of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are essential for your anti-aging routine, as they limit the effects of free radicals on your body and they also make your skin glow and have a radiant, healthy look. That being said, make sure to increase your daily intake of dark chocolate and berries! This tip is one we LOVE 🙂

7.  Stay Hydrated And Avoid Drinking From A Straw

We all know the rule of thumb of hydration, which says that you must drink at least eight 8-oz glasses of water per day. But, did you know that drinking from a straw actually has the same effects on the skin around your lips as smoking? Whenever you drink from a straw, this causes repetitive muscle movement which will result in wrinkles. So ditch the straws ladies!

6.  Exercise On A Regular Basis

Exercising for 2-3 times a week will stimulate the blood flow to the skin, while increasing the oxygen levels in your blood at the same time. All necessary for having and maintaining healthy skin.

5.  Don’t Take Hot Showers

As pleasant as they may be, very hot showers actually strip our bodies of the natural oils produced by the scalp and skin. These oils are designed to protect our skin. Instead, you can always take lukewarm showers that won’t rob your body of much needed moisture!

4.  Get Your Acne Treated By A Professional Dermatologist

Acne is a very common (and bothersome, for most people) problem. It affects tens of millions of people all around the world. While you may be able to get rid of mild acne with some over the counter products, if you suffer from severe acne, it is highly recommended to see a professional dermatologist.

They can prescribe you an efficient treatment to help clear up your skin and to prevent any potential acne scars as well.

3.  Steer Clear From The Hair Salon Heat Lamp

We all know that the heat lamp aims to speed up the coloring process, but the truth is that you can get the same radiant and intensely colored roots or highlights by allowing the color to develop naturally. It will take 10-15 more minutes, but you are saving your skin a lot of trouble and pain.

The chemicals found in hair coloring products are damaging enough, and the last thing you need is extra heat to boost the damage even more.

2.  Invest In Creams Rich In Retinol

Retinol will be your new best friend. It is a cure-all product that is perfect for young skin, given the fact that it will delay the aging process. It will brighten and even your skin tone and prevent sun-related discoloration.

1.  Add Some Vitamin C and Soy To Your Skin Care Diet!

All the skin care tips mentioned above are very important, but to complete the routine make sure to add soy, vitamin C and peptides to your daily diet. Yeah we know… it’s something that often is not even thought of when the topic of anti-aging is brought up, but you better believe it matters!

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