6 Tips On How To Do Gel Nails At Home

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Eager to get gel manicures that will give your nails a chic and sophisticated look?

If you are on a budget, then you might want to learn how to do gel nails at home. In simple steps, you can transform your nails from drab to fab. What’s more, you no longer need to spend as much as you would at a salon. With easy techniques, having your nails done with professional results will only take a few minutes. Check out the steps below on gel manicures and go ahead and do your nails today!


Step 1:  If you still have your old nail polish, then it is best to take it off. The secret to getting perfect gel manicures is to start by having clean nails.

Dab some nail polish remover to get rid of your old acrylic or gel nail polish. Check the length of your nails and have them trimmed when necessary to obtain the right length and shape that you want.

Step 2:  Use a primer to remove the remaining oil and moisture on your nails. This prepares your nails for the gel polish, so you can apply the desired color as smoothly and perfectly as possible.

Basically, primers come with a small brush that you can use in applying a thin coat on your nails. Make sure you use long and even strokes in spreading the primer from the cuticle up to the ends of each nail. Wait for it to dry thoroughly before you continue to the next step.

Step 3:  Choose the brand and color of gel nail polish that you like best. The following are some of the highly recommended brands that are worth looking into:

CND Shellac gel nail polish

CND Shellac


This brand is great because it comes with a wide selection of dark, bright, pastel, and catchy colors that will look great on your nails.

harmony gelish gel nail polish

Harmony Gelish


You can choose the right color from this brand, which will match your complexion, mood and personality.

Trugel gel nail polish for home



If you are on a budget, TruGel is your best bet. This brand makes it easy for you to find the ultimate nail polish color that suits your style.

sally hensen gel nail polish starter kit for at home

Sally Hansen


Sally Hansen has received positive remarks from users because of its superb consistency, which is not too thick or too thin. Most importantly, this gel nail polish brand is a breeze to apply.

Step 4:  Apply long and thin coat of the nail polish throughout the entire nail surface. Try not to get any gel onto the cuticle bed to ensure the perfect appearance of your nails. After applying gel on all of your nails, allow it to dry completely.

Step 5:  For a flawless look, apply another coat. You will notice that this time, it will take longer to dry than the first coat. Yet, allow it to dry and avoid brushing your nails against objects that can mess up the nail polish.

Step 6:  Once dry, check your nails for any small bumps, uneven coating and bubbles. If you see any imperfections, just buff your nails gently to fix these issues and shape your nails to enhance their look.


There you have it – expert tips to get gel manicures in quick and easy steps. Even at the comfort of your own home, getting flawless-looking nails is definitely a breeze with these tips!


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