6 Easy Ways On How To Get Rid Of Bags Under Eyes Fast

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Ok, we don’t know what the precise number is for how many men and women, (both young and old) that are desperately wondering how to get rid of bags under eyes fast and conveniently.

What we do know is that, there are A LOT!

Alcohol consumption, a diet high in salt and sleepless nights can cause water retention under the eyes. These bags around your eyes can look unsightly and awful, and most individuals wish to remove them very fast. Luckily, using a couple of drugstore purchases and home remedies, you can temporarily decrease the appearance of swollen eyes within a couple of hours.


Here are 6 super easy ways on how to get rid of bags under eyes fast!


 1.  Apply a frosty towel to your eyes. Submerge a clean material in icy water. Put the saturated layer over your eyes for about 3-5 minutes to decrease swelling. The low temperature of the frosty water can make your skin to contract.

2.  Reduce under eye bags with metal spoons. Put two spoons in the cooler. Cool the spoons for about 15- 30 minutes. Put the adjusted side of the spoons over your eyes for a couple of minutes.

Use frozen spoons to get rid of bags under eyes

3.  Tighten the skin using caffeine. Put two black tea bags into tepid water. Pour out the excess water. Lay the tea bags over your eyes and make sure that your eyes are closed for about 5 minutes. Alternately, apply caffeine infused skin cream over your eyes to decrease the appearance of detached skin temporarily.

Tea bags for getting rid of your bags under eyes fast


4.  Apply potato loops to your eyes. Utilizing a raw potato, slice cuts 1-2 inches thick. Using a clean material, dampen your eyes with tepid water. While resting, place the cuts over your eyes for at least 10 minutes.

how to get rid of bags under your eyes fast using potato loops5.  Use benzocaine to shrink your bags. Research shows that placing hemorrhoid cream on eye bags will contract the puffy folds of your eye. Benzocaine is the major ingredient that causes contracting of the veins, which lessens puffiness. Dot the hemorrhoid-cream into the under eye region. Push slowly with your forefinger to circulate the trapped liquid held in your puffy eyes.

6.  Increase the amount of water that you drink daily. Eye Doctor’s suggest that you drink more water to reduce puffy eyes brought on by dehydration.

Water will help you get rid of unsightly bags under your eyes naturally


Additionally  scientific research shows that Haloxyl is useful at reducing dark circles and bags under the eyes by more than 60 percent.

Also with any kind of anti-aging product, it is advisable that you use an ingredient that stimulates more elastin and collagen production. These are the 2 most vital structural proteins that are found in the skin and their work is to keep the skin elastic, toned, and firm.

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