Body Spray Showdown: Victoria’s Secret Vs. Pacifica Island

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Body Spray Showdown: Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Vs. Pacifica Island Vanilla Which Body Spray Wins Us Over

Body odor can be particularly bothersome for women, but fortunately there are numerous body sprays that help us stay fresh throughout the entire day. Two of these body sprays are the Vanilla Pacifica Island perfume spray and the Victoria’s Secret Love Spell fragrance body mist. Here you will find a detailed and in-depth comparison of these two products that will help you decide on the one that best meets your needs:


Even though both perfumes are scented luxuries and are very refreshing, the main difference is in their price and the amount of perfume you get for your money. That being said, while the Pacifica Island Vanilla perfume costs $13.75 per one-ounce bottle (29 ml), the Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Fragrance costs $9.45 per 8.4-ounce bottle (250 ml).

This is one of the main differences between these two contenders, as the Victoria’s Secret Love Spell will last eight times more than the Pacifica Island Vanilla. The same amount of the Pacifica Island Vanilla fragrance would cost you more than $115.00, and for this reason the Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Fragrance may be a better long-term investment for women who want to stay fresh during the hot summer days.

What’s In It:

The reason why the Pacifica Island Vanilla Collection is so expensive is because it features natural essential oils and 100% organic ingredients that have subtle fruit, tea and floral notes. This is a 100% vegan and gluten-free perfume that has not been tested on animals and contains no parabens whatsoever.

The Love Spell Fragrance by Victoria’s Secret neither states that it is cruelty-free nor that it is free of parabens and other potentially dangerous chemicals. This may make a significant difference for people who want to use only organic ingredients and who are against buying products that have been previously tested on animals.


The Love Spell was introduced on the market back in 1989 and it contains soft fragrance notes of sweet pea, vanilla, rose, gardenia and hyacinth, and it is recommended for casual use. Both of the body sprays are flirty and sexy, and they have a subtle floral fragrance that lasts for hours, but another difference is that the Love Spell is enriched with calming chamomile and conditioning aloe vera that will soothe and calm irritated or sensitive skin.

What both body sprays have in common is the fact that vanilla is their main ingredient. This key scent is stronger than any other floral or fruity note, but it is combined with a variety of other scents that aim to enhance the potential of the vanilla. Both Pacifica Island and the Victoria’s Secret exude elegance and sex appeal.

They are very lightweight and easy to wear and they have subtle notes that persist for the entire day without you having to reapply the fragrance mist constantly. Inspired by the exotic and tropical nature, these body sprays can give you a touch of flirty sexiness with as little as one puff, keeping you fresh and ready to go!

Either one you go with will be a good choice but this is a showdown, and there can only be 1 winner in a showdown guys.

Body Spray Showdown Results:

Overall winner is:

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell

We give it the slight edge over Pacifica Island due to the amount you get for your money and it’s ability to actually help out someone if they have irritated or sensitive skin.

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