Don’t Buy A Chi Hair Straightener Without Reading This First

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We ladies love doing all kinds of things with the wonderful and naturally beautiful locks and curls that God has given to us. One of our most favorite things to do is to make use of hair straighteners that will help us to make all our nice and messy curls straight and long.

But while hair straighteners do serve a purpose, women often buy them without giving much thought. Be it a Chi hair straightener or any other brand, one should exercise all kinds of caution when buying a hair straightener. Here are some easy tips.

Titanium or Ceramic Plates

The first thing to decide is whether you want a straightener with titanium plates or ceramic plates. The plates are the sheets located inside handles of the straighteners. This means that you need to choose plates that will work effectively.

Both ceramic and titanium sheets are plates that can work well, heating up properly for the ironing effect yet protecting the hair from being burnt. Of the two, titanium has a risk of getting overheated while ceramic is pretty much non-durable. Therefore, you have to choose only good quality ceramic or titanium plates for your hair straightener in the future.

Ionic Compounds

The ionic compound is called tourmaline. It is a compound that is inserted into the titanium and ceramic plates. It is responsible for plating your hair with a shiny feel that will add to the effect of shiny and straightened hair.

The ions actually help to soothe and ease your hair and make sure that your hair feels rather nourished and healthy as well. As a result, your hair will not feel frizzy or rough or something like that. It will feel genuinely warm, smooth as silk, as well as long and straight to touch and feel.

Size of Plates

Before you actually buy a good Chi hair straightener, you should be sure about the size of the plates of the straightener. If the size is too big, then you would not be able to give your hair the right kind of straightening effect.

The CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron is an excellent blend of size and power wrapped up in one package.

Ideally, you should look for plates which are quite slim and nifty in appearance. This way you are able to protect your hair in a good way as well. Also, you will be able to make sure that your little strands and curls are also perfectly straightened out and very neatly made after using the straightener.

Temperature Control

It is also highly imperative that you learn that your Chi hair straightener should have a responsive and efficient temperature control system as well. This means that you will be able to control the heat of the plates when you are about to apply them to straighten your hair out.

Do not keep the heat on your hair too long otherwise there is the risk of burning your hair. Also make sure that you hold your hair away from your head while straightening for the heat to be aptly doused as well.

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