Here’s A Quick Easy Way To Give Yourself A Pedicure At Home

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Giving yourself a pedicure at home is not only time saving but will also save you some money. It can also mean some fun, (we’ll explain).

How to give yourself a pedicure at home with 8 simple steps:



Step#1: Get Rid of Old Polish From Your Toenails

Instead of using cotton balls, it’s better to use lint-free cotton pads. Your cotton pad should be saturated with polish remover after which you should rub old nail polish off with the pad. In case the color does not come off easily, just press the cotton pad on the nail. Allow it to soak for a few seconds.

Step#2: Cut And File Nail

For best results use top quality clippers that have been specifically made to clip toenails. Cut your toenails straight across as this avoids ingrown nails. Ensure that your nail does not go beyond the tip of the toe.
In order to achieve a soft square shape, it is important to file your nails in the same direction until they become even and rounded slightly at the corners. Avoid metal files as they can rip your nails.

Step#3: Soak Your Feet

Take a large bowl and fill it with warm water. With the water, throw in aromatherapy oils, bath salts or Epsom salts. After that, soak your feet in the salty water for 10 minutes. If your feet are more cracked and calloused, you will need to keep them longer in the water.

Step#4: Treat Your Cuticles

To the base of each of your toenails, apply cuticle remover and then rub it in. Leave it for a minute, after which you should use an orangewood gently pushing everywhere the skin meets the toenail in a circular motion. Be careful to ensure that you remove skin that is only found on the top of the nail without touching the toe flesh.

Step#5: Scrub Your Feet

In order to get rid of the dead skin found on your feet’s balls and heels, you need to apply exfoliating foot or body scrub to a wet pumice stone or a foot file. Scrub bottoms, sides and the balls of your heels as well as the areas around the toes.

Step#6: Moisturize

Next thing is to thoroughly dry your feet including the areas between the toes and then apply a thick moisturizer or even foot cream. The moisturizer ought to be massaged into the calves and the feet.

Step #7: Polish Toes

To remove extra oils on your nails, use acetone remover. Apply thin base coat by means of three strokes, and then one stroke on either side. Do not paint the cuticle.

Wait for a minute and then add 2 coats of your nail polish. Finish off with a thin top coat. If you make any mistakes, clean them off using an orangewood stick.

Step #8: Finish Your Pedicure

After your nails dry, you can now spritz your nails with moisturizing oil. This not only sets your polish but also moisturizes your cuticles.

Mission accomplished, give yourself a pat on the back. It’s not only easy but also saves you a great deal of time you will have spent at the salon.

(Remember The Fun We Mentioned)

By doing a pedicure at home you can invite some of the girls over and all of you can enjoy some cocktails and whatever else during…(you can’t do that at the salon!)


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