Eyelash Extensions: What Everybody Ought To Know Before You Pull Your Credit Card Out

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Chances are you know what eyelash extensions are, individual lashes that are glued on one eyelash at a time. Chances are also you’ve maybe thought about getting some a time or two.

Women find them convenient and attractive because they don’t require the application of mascara on their natural eyelashes to get that thick, long eyelash look that adds flare to their eyes.


Thinking of having an eye makeover?  There will be some considerations to make before you decide whether or not to put them on.

  • How much do you want to spend on your new look?
  • Who should you go to?
  • Do you have allergies to eyelash extensions?
  • How much time will it take for the beauty consultation?
  • Who will remove them for you?

There price will depend on whether you need a full set or half a set. Most will set you back $200-$400 for a full set and half that amount for a half set.

Now armed with your eyelashes you can look to spend between $75 to $ 200 to get them fixed by your beautician. The extensions are easy to self manage and will only need to be refilled after every four to six weeks.

It’s recommended that you use a certified beautician called an extensionist to avoid any beauty mishaps. If you have allergies to glues you will need to have the glue tested before it is used to apply the extensions.

You’ll need a little bit of patience and time to kill because it can take between 1.5 hours to 3 hours for the extensions to be applied.

Should you want your eyelash extensions removed all you need to do is return to your salon. This is important, because you do not want to damage your natural eyelashes by removing your eyelash extensions yourself.

In addition you need to consider certain aspects when shopping for and getting your new eyelashes applied:

  • The training and qualifications of your extensionist
  • Get a guarantee from your extensionist so that any issue that may come up with the lashes can be resolved within the first few days either as a complimentary touch-up or fill.
  • A portfolio of the extensionist’s work showing pictures of actual work done.
  • Make sure they have a selection of eyelash extension types so that you select those that suit you.

Precautions to take

There are certain eyelashes that are knotted together at the base to form a cluster. This type is not ideal because they do not allow the natural eyelashes to shed naturally causing tugging and clustering.

This can lead to balding, thinning and may even take months for the eyelashes to grow back.

Make sure that the glue used is meant for eyes. Your eyelashes need to be refilled every couple of weeks to keep them looking natural.

For all you women who have active lifestyles, you may need much more frequent after care for your new look. Heat, water and oils affect these eyelashes.

This may require additional care with sealant used to extend the lifespan of the eyelashes in tropical climates. Oils adhere to the bonds in the eyelashes reducing their lifespan.

Types of Extensions

Synthetic – the most basic and least expensive extension type.

Silk – darkest, richest black and provide the fullest overall look

Mink – for those who want a natural look and a softer black

Of course if you’re maybe not wanting to go for some faux lashes right now there are other options.

You can always go for some eyelash growing serum that helps eyelashes grow within three months and cost only a fraction of the extensions. These are available in pharmacies.

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