Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Nude Lipstick Colors For Summer

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What’s the secret to choosing the best nude lipstick colors for this summer? What are the lipstick beauty trends in the summer of 2014? Here’s the 411 about nude lipstick colors this summer.

If you are struggling to find the nude lipstick shade that better matches your skin tone, the trick is to not take the term “nude” literally and to wear a neutral hue instead. Think of subtle touches of color, from mocha to beige and to shades of pink. Especially when coupled with a smokey eye, a nude toned lip can be pretty flattering.

Think of Rihanna, who paired a soft shadow and a dark liner with a coffee colored lipstick, at the 2012 Met Gala.

nude lipstick colors

Nude lipsticks are the most practical because they look polished during the day and sophisticated at night, while they are also protective. Besides the “nude” name, there are actually many textures and shades available. Choosing the one that best matches you is an art.

There are many brands that offer nude lipsticks. For example, L’Oreal Paris offers up several shades of nude lipsticks with their lines, Made For Me Naturals® and Colour Riche® Lipcolour.

loreal lipstick, caramel nude lipstick colors

As a general rule, you have to choose the shade of nude lipstick that is closest to your natural lip tone. Going by this rule will ensure that you are always going to look great. There are many nude lipstick shades available at the counter, including shades that suit fair skin and shades that suit dark skin complexions. If you are not sure what to choose you can always ask the assistant to select what’s the best for you.

Caramel (no not the candy)

If you want to intensify your lip color you can use a slightly caramel effect. That can be suitable when you wear cool colors such as dark blue, mauve, or pink. Then you can use a nude lip color with a hint of pink. If you are wearing light blue, cream, orange, or green, then the caramel shades of nude are the best. You can choose an orange or terracotta blush for a warm nude shade effect.

Best nude shades for night

Some nude lipsticks are sheer and semi-transparent, others have an opaque finish. For going out at nighttime you may choose an opaque formula if you want to make a fashion statement, and who don’t want to do that!

Caramel and beige shades are the best for these special occasions. An easy formula to follow if you want to look stunning at nighttime is to use loads of mascara, a dark eye shadow and a pale nude lipstick with a touch of blush. This will look outstanding, especially if you wear a dark outfit.

If you have a dark skin complexion most of the nude lipstick shades will look too light on you. The best in this case is to use a caramel shade. The warmer colors will suit you better than pinks.

Here are some basic rules to go by for choosing the nude lipstick color that matches your skin tone:

  • For pale or fair skin: avoid beige lipsticks, and look instead to soft peaches and pinks or pale apricot.
  • For dark toned skin: choose chocolate tones such as rich coffees and golden browns.
  • For the golden skin: if your skin has lots of golden undertones, choose caramel toned nudes, for creamy and warm beiges. Avoid silver toned nude shades or grays, because they are too cool.
  • For olive skin tones: with olive skin, just about any nude shade will suit you well, from pinks, to bronze and beige.
  • For yellow undertones skin: choose creamy and light toned beiges like mocha or latte.

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