Is Rihanna About To Take Over The Beauty And Fashion World

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rihanna is launching fashion and beauty lines

Successful icon, Rihanna, is apparently laying out the foundation for her future in the beauty and fashion industry. According to trademark documents filed by Bad Gal’s Roraj Trade LLC, RiRi and company has purchased the trademarks for everything “Fenty” -her last name.

What has she trademarked? Well take a look at the list:

Fenty Apparel
Fenty Beauty
Fenty Clothing
Fenty Cosmetics
Fenty Face
Fenty Intimates
Fenty Lingerie
Fenty Makeup
Fenty Nails
Fenty Swim
Fenty Swimwear
Fenty Corp
Fenty 88
Rhi Rhi

She’s already had success in this industry like when she endorsed and co-branded a MAC lipstick, which by the way SOLD OUT in only 3 hours after debuting! Rihanna already has fragrance lines that are huge hits, plus she’s about to launch a sixth to the market…this time for men.

She has singlehandedly helped resurrect the suffering BOY London Mark brand and made it more famous before it even was in the first place according to its CEO. So will Rihanna turn her legions of fans into a successful business brand? Only time will tell, but given her past within the beauty & fashion sphere, it’s looking like she has the “goods” to execute with extreme force.

What do you think? Will Rihanna make waves and shake things up, or will she be drowned out by some of the industry titans.

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