What Is Argan Oil? That Question Answered Here

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You’ve probably seen a ton of ads on tv and the internet about it… which for a bunch of people begs the question, “what is argan oil anyways?”

Hailed as “liquid gold”, it’s been the latest craze in the cosmetic industry. Everyone is talking about it, from the local hair stylists to Hollywood celebrities.

The purely organic and chemical-free oil is laden with essential fatty acids and Vitamin E which gives it amazing healing, rejuvenating, and conditioning properties.

This is some great AWESOME stuff!

Oprah endorsed it and because she put her stamp of approval on it, everyone’s now eager to grab a bottle, right? Just before you join this well deserved frenzy, let’s look at the benefits argan oil has to offer and what it can actually do for your hair, skin and more!

Moisturizes Skin

Like we said, argan oil is rich in fatty-acids and Vitamin E which makes it the ideal skin moisturizer. You can use it to hydrate and soften your skin, face, and neck daily. Simply pour a few drops of it in your hands and rub it gently then apply it on your body.

Even though it’s an oil,  argan oil is non-greasy, (who woulda thought), it absorbs easily, and does not irritate the skin which makes it a great organic moisturizer.


Conditions Hair

Argan oil is a proven hair softener. It works like a charm on your hair making it silkier and shinier.

Have you ever had any of these problems… like split ends or frizzy hair that looks like you stuck your finger in a light socket? Well don’t worry because this magical liquid can treat hair splits, corrects frizzy hair, and makes hair more manageable!

(We told ya this is great stuff)

Rub a few drops of it on your hair daily and watch it bounce back to life!


Rectified Dry Skin

Need a powerful remedy for dry skin? Argan oil works great for this!

Anti-oxidants present in the oil can rectify cracked or damaged skin and alleviate accompanying symptoms such as skin irritation. It’s is an excellent remedy for preventing sore skin, soothing pain, and repairing damaged skin. You just need to apply daily and dryness or skin irritation will be a thing of the past!


Removes Stretch Marks (listen up mama’s)

Stretch marks are an eyesore and constant reminder of your pregnancy. You shouldn’t lament or hide them anymore. Grab a bottle of argan oil, and apply a few drops on your sagging stretch marks and puckered skin.

The result will help remove stretch marks on your breasts, thighs, and bottom and enhance the elasticity of your skin.


Fights The Ever Present Thing We Call Ageing

Are you scared of the effects of ageing? You really have no reason to worry.

Argan Oil has powerful anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties. It can effectively moisturize your skin and give it a smooth, fresh, and youthful glow. On top of that, it will help smooth out any wrinkles and blemishes on your skin and restore natural skin elasticity.

Just apply a few drops on your neck and face every time you go to bed and you’ll wake up looking younger!


Removes Acne

Argan oil has already proven itself a powerful remedy for acne and flaked skin. If you’re troubled by acne, squeeze a few drops, and rub it gently on your face twice daily. It helps eliminate acne, cleanses your pores, and on top of that, nourishes and moisturizes your skin.


It works wonders right from your toes and nails to your skin, hair, and bum!

Having multiple uses is what makes it so appealing.  You can use it to sooth acne, to moisturize your skin, to remove stretchmarks, and restore youthful looks. The beauty of it all is that argan oil is 100% natural and chemical-free therefore, it’s safe on any skin!

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